Is this normal?

I’ve been asking myself that question a lot lately.

Like right now, I have the urge to go the city and see my favorite DJ play this weekend. I don’t have tickets, people to go with or a place to stay. But I figured those things will just work themselves out. I mean, what else do I have going on this Saturday?

Am I being impulsive? Am I starting to become hypomanic? Or…am I just a gal excited about seeing her favorite artist play?



2 thoughts on “Is this normal?

  1. WarpedAsylum says:

    I’m a little late commenting on this post but for me, the sudden urge to up and leave is a sign of some type of mania, either upcoming or current. I once walked to my hometown without money or a place to stay when I got there- I also thought it would just workout.
    Trying to figure out if something is normal or bipolar related really just blows, for lack of better word. I hate that part of the diagnose most.

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  2. Anna says:

    You were right. It was the start of a hypomanic episode :). I agree, figuring out normal vs. bipolar is just awful. It’s like lets just add another mindfuck to your already fucked up head, haha. xx


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